Fashion Colour Palette 2016

With the new season styles coming in it is always exciting to see how the colour range develops. We showcase a range of designers from around the world so our colours often sway from the typical trending colours, this makes for a unique colour palette that you won’t find anywhere else.

The 2016 Pantone fashion trending colours that we have in store are:

  • Fiesta: A vibrant red/orange which we have splashes of in our Trelise Cooper and Maison Scotch ranges.
  • Iced Coffee: This is an earthy tan that looks fantastic on most skin tones. This colour is prominent in our Elisa Cavaletti and White + Warren ranges plus it can be seen in patterns in the Maison Scotch collection.
  • Snorkel Blue: A shade lighter then navy, we have this colour in Umit Unal, Elisa Cavaletti, Rundholz, Maison Scotch ranges and will be coming in the new Transit Collection. This colour can have a slightly nautical vibe and looks stunning with metallics and statement jewellery.
  • Rose Quartz: A soft and feminine pastel pink. Seen in the Maison Scotch and Umit Unal collections.
  • Lilac Grey: A shade which is neutral but edgy at the same time. Seen in our Umit Unal collection in lovely silks and cotton tops.
  • Green: Unexpected and bold. This colour is in the patterned Trelise Cooper styles and Maison Scotch casual wear.

On top of the trending colours we have a range of black and fresh white styles to compliment the colours. Varying shades of blue from the darkest ink to pale blue tones are prominent. Neutral grey shades in dark charcoal to soft light grey. Plus a range of fabrics and exquisite pattterns/textures that allow you to bring out different tones within the garment. Shop the new season.


Each season sees a fresh mix of colours, at the moment there is an influx of blush pinks, orange, maroon, red, deep green and blue. Pairing the right colours can make or break your outfit, so we have highlighted some of our top picks and style tips to leave you feeling inspired going into winter.


Pink and Grey

Get the look:

Pink and Grey fashion pieces

  1. Maison Scotch Classic Long Trench
  2. Rundholz Dip Ned T-Shirt
  3. Rundholz Dip Toby Trousers
  4. Zhrill Amy Dropped Crotch Pants Pink
  5. Nineteen//46 Spot on Sweater



Orange and Black Fashion Inspiration

Get the look:

Orange and Black fashion et vous

  1. Company of Strangers Singlet
  2. Trelise Cooper Burns of Endearment Dress
  3. Company of Strangers Bellville Bomber
  4. Inscrire Pony Fur Shoe
  5. Claudio Cutuli Black Ross Bag



Green and white inspiration

Get the look:

Green and white shop the look

  1. Anett Rostel Berlin White Shirt
  2. Maison Scotch Love Rev Army Jacket
  3. Rundholz Mainline Miles T-Shirt
  4. Age Eyewear Sabotage Sunglasses
  5. Numero 10 Monzeglio Bag Green



Navy and red inspiration

Get the look:

Navy and Red shop the look

  1. Trelise Cooper Sugar Coated Coat
  2. Rundholz Mainline Kaz Hat
  3. Rundholz Mainline Lara Pullover
  4. Rundholz Dip Troy Skirt
  5. Cooper Ruffle Brand Blouse
  6. Rundholz Dip Karen Dress


How to wear grey, Et Vous blog

Wearing grey doesn’t have to be boring. Just like black it is a colour that never goes out of style and can be worn with many other colours, all year round. Here are our top tips for wearing grey:

  • GREY TONE: The lighter the grey the darker the complementary colour should be and vice versa. For example light grey pants with a dark navy top or dark grey skirt with a blush pink blouse.
  • PROFESSIONAL: Team your grey tones with white or black for a very professional look. This is a classic colour combination that is always on trend. Add a splash of colour in your accessories or footwear to brighten it up if desired.
  • SILVER: Grey tones look amazing with silver. Whether it is in your jewellery, clutch, footwear or clothing, a touch of shimmer can lift the whole outfit.
  • MINIMAL: Try not to overdo an outfit with too much grey. For example if you are wearing a grey top you don’t have to wear a grey hat, break it up with colour, black or white.
  • NIGHT OUT: You can’t beat a bold lipstick and a smokey eye to dress up an outfit.

Shop the look:

  1. Rundholz Dip Axel Dress
  2. Rundholz Black Henry Shoe
  3. Cooper Vested Interest Vest
  4. Maison Scotch Mid Rise Grey Skinny Jeans
  5. Maison Scotch Fine Coin Necklace
  6. Rundholz Dip Oliver Trousers
  7. Company of Strangers Long Sleeve Top
  8. Wilt Knit Detailed Back
  9. Reinhard Plank Spaventa Lapin hat
  10. Raphael Black Grey Ankle Boot
  11. Anett Rostel Berlin Metallic Knit

If you are needing some inspiration here our suggestions for colours that go great with a grey colour palette:

greyscale, grey colour palette, et vous blog

Fiery Autumn Colours

Firey Autumn Colours

The cooler months have seen an influx of fiery autumn colours, lovely vibrant reds and maroons. This statement colour scheme brings a warmth and brightness, which is easy to wear during the day and can be dressed up at night with some bright lipstick. This season there is also a mix of fabrics and styles which are perfect for layering.

1. Trelise Cooper Brooke Blazer

2. Trelise Cooper Neon Love Skirt

3. Rundholz Dip Gabe Trousers

4. Rundholz Dip Saul Mesh Jacket

6. Company of Strangers Bellville Bomber

7. Maison Scotch Red Wool Coat (Available in store)

8. Trelise Cooper Burns of Endearment Dress

9. Rundholz Mainline Cap

10. Rundholz Oden Dress