The history behind the brand – Nineteen//46

“Beautifully understated knitwear that celebrates liberation and gives you the freedom to be yourself. No dictatorship, no confinement. Each piece is designed to compliment your unique style, naturally fit your body and effortlessly enhance who you already are. Every garment only finds its full potential once united with its owner.”


Women celebrating Victory in Europe, Lambton Quay, Wellington, May 1945. Quote and image from the Nineteen//46 website

Nineteen//46 under the name Silverdale was originally founded back in the depression era of the 1930’s in Dannevirke. The gentleman who founded it, English immigrant Mr E.A. Antcliff bred Angora rabbits and looking for ways to to feed the family, he spun the wool from the rabbits and made a few garments with the help of his wife and two sons, these garments were sold from house to house.

The business grew and after a brief hiatus during the Second World War when his sons were away, he moved the family and the factory to Levin in 1946 where the Silverdale brand and company was registered. They pioneered a factory of 15 employees and in those days there would not have been a store that didn’t carry the Silverdale label, synonymous with quality!

Nineteen 46 factory

In 1967 the founder Mr E.A. Antcliff passed away and his sons carried on the company for a number of years before handing it to the Mill Manager Maurice Cotterill. In 2006, Warren Cotterill took over. Maurice is still in the factory “on a daily basis with a great sense if humour” says Bronwyn Echibaum the knitwear designer.

Ninteen46 label

You can view our Nineteen//46 knitwear collection here.

The designers behind the brand – Rundholz

Carsten and Lenka RundholzWe are one of the exclusive New Zealand stockists of the German designed and made brand Rundholz. The husband and wife team of Carsten and Lenka Rundholz presented their first collection back in 1993. Lenka started in the industry as a visual and display presentation artist. While Carsten was a graphic designer and trained in the art of fashion, he wanted to create garments his wife would love to wear. Every design is developed in the Lower Rhine area of Germany where they rebuilt an ancient 1811 regional farm house into a modern headquarters. This space is surrounded by old trees, tiny fortresses and is 1 hour away from major cities. The design duo have gone from stride to stride creating three collections each year (Rundholz Dip, Rundholz Black Label and Rundholz Mainline) with around 600 garments! Carsten conducts sewing experiments which always astonish the pattern makers and they have to rip the seems on everything to understand them. But he emphasises that it is very important that “Nothing will be put into the collection before Lenka gives her approval” Carsten Rundholz.Rundholz Spring / Summer 2015 collectionThe Rundholz team constantly present something new and choose different scenes for their presentation. One of our favourite displays is the collection where they photographed the models lying down for their Spring/Summer 2015 collection. The garments and their hair looked awesome, a very artistic expression. Their philosophy is “We’ll only be successful by remaining incomparable. In this way the Rundholz universe is growing: Creative and successful – but without being noisy.” Along with their fashion collection they represent that unique and unexpected persona through their flagship stores, in particular their architecturally designed flagship store in Berlin.

We did our own Rundholz photo shoot for the Autumn/Winter 2016 line with our model Jaz Garner. It was great to get to see all the garments on and style them for the shoot. You know it is good sign when during shooting we are all there saying “oooh we need that” and “that looks so good on”. Rundholz in a unique brand but very wearable, we have this line available in store and online, view the full collection here.

Rundholz photoshoot et vous

The designer behind the brand – Anett Rostel

Anett Rostel

We are very pleased to be the only New Zealand stockist for the avant-garde designer Anett Rostel. Beginning her fashion career with a custom-tailor apprenticeship her attention to detail and finishing are evident in every unique piece. Anett got her first fashion accolades in 2007 when she presented at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Since then she has claimed world wide recognition and continues to develop two collections for each season, one of which “Anett Rostel Berlin” we have in store at et vous.

Why we love Anett Rostel:

  • She designs tailored styles that are flattering on the female silhouette
  • She experiments with materials, one of the fabrics she uses is 20% metal!
  • She has nailed the right balance between designing pieces that are different but also timeless
  • Her selection for stores that represent her brand is limited (we love being the only NZ stockist)
  • The colour palette is relatively neutral so the fashion pieces can be worn from day to night

Some of the styles that are so limited there is only one available!

Only one available in NZ, exclusive stockist, Anett Rostel Berlin, limited fashion pieces


Early March 2015 saw us embarking on a quite unexpected and whirlwind trip to Paris, 4 days to be exact, to view and forward buy during Paris Fashion Week. The unprecedented success of the German Rundholz label, in-store since February this year, gave us the reassurance we needed to accept an invitation from Rundholz to come and buy from them direct. As we absolutely love this label, we were very excited at the prospect of being able to buy from them the three ranges they offer, Rundholz Mainline, Rundholz Dip and Rundholz Black Label, instead of just the Black Label that we are able to buy out of Australia.

Alongside our independent appointment with Rundholz, we had another with Damaris, the beautiful designer of brand Inscrire and her truly stunning footwear and jewellery. We attended three days of the Tranoi Trade Show and have secured for the coming Summer 2015 and Winter 2016 seasons exclusive and beautiful clothing, footwear, jewellery and hats from Turkey, Germany, Paris and Italy.

We met incredible people, designers who are passionate about their craft, real artisans who could tell us the story behind their brand, who are as excited about their product being exposed to New Zealand as we in turn are about being able to source such wonderful things for our clients.

Our exposure to this market now means twice a year travel and the opportunity to keep expanding on our fabulous ranges in our exciting new store!

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