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The white shirt is a must have in every wardrobe. Trends come and go but a classic white shirt is forever, it is a blank canvas of style. Dressed up with a full skirt and heels, or boyfriend jeans and sneakers you can’t go wrong. Every season we get in white shirts that that have a point of difference, whether it is oversized or unique fabrics. Here are some of the ways to wear the white shirt:

  • Dress – A white shirt dress is a great look, with clean lines it can be dressed up with heels or worn causally with sneakers. Our top tip to wearing a white shirt as a dress is don’t just go and get an oversized shirt from your partners wardrobe and put it on as a dress. Make sure the white shirt is designed to be worn as a dress.
  • Jeans – Whether the jeans are fitted or baggy a white shirt teams perfectly with them. You can’t go wrong with a denim and white combination!
  • Skirts – Often worn with a blouse but a crisp white shirt can look just as good and gives a more street style look. Prettied up with a feminine full skirt for the races, or partly tucked into a causal skirt with flats.

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Et Vous how to wear oversized

Oversized clothing is so practical, comfortable and can look just as chic and trendy as fitted clothing. One of our major bits of advice to consider is balance, contrast oversized pieces with fitted styles to give your figure shape. Below we have a selection of tips to wearing the oversized look with ease:

  • Balance: As we mentioned previously if you are wearing oversized garments, balance it with fitted styles. For example skinny jeans with an oversized coat and vice versa, a fitted top with loose fit drop crotch pants.
  • Clinch at the waist: To add a bit more shape you can always consider clinching the garment in at the waist. A belt or clip does the trick.
  • Limit yourself: Much like the balance point, don’t try and overdo it with oversized, try and limit it to one (maybe 2) oversized garments worn at once and make that piece the statement.
  • Textures: Experiment with textures, knits can be heavier and stiffer, where a chiffon top is loose fitted and flowing.
  • Heels: Adding a pair of heels can not only dress up an outfit but when wearing oversized it gives the illusion of height to balance out the extra fabric in other areas.
  • Lower it: While a lot of emphasis seems to be on wearing oversized on the top half, it can look just as great on the bottom half as well with a pair of drop crotch pants, wide leg pants or boyfriend jeans.
  • Experiment: Try on different outfits and see what you feel comfortable in. What one person feels comfortable in may not be comfortable for someone else. You will be surprised what works.


how to wear scarves

One of the easiest ways to spruce up an outfit is by wearing a scarf. Not only do they add another dimension and texture to your outfit, but they are nice and warm in the cooler months. A lot of us tend to get a scarf and just wear it one way, but really there are multiple ways to wear scarves. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Wrapped: The classic wrapped around the neck look with the ends hanging down at the front. If it is a long scarf try wrapping it round an extra loop for added warmth and bulk.
  • Flick: Flicking one end of the scarf over your should for an effortless style. This is extremely easy, but make sure it isn’t a windy day or you may loose it.
  • Draped: Draping the scarf over your shoulders like a shawl. This aesthetic is a great look if the scarf is patterned to show it off.
  • Open: Simply hooking it around your neck and have it hanging down at the front. Not quite as functional for warmth but adds texture and levels to your outfit.
  • Belted: A look that isn’t often used but looks fantastic! Simply hook the scarf around your neck and add a waist belt, gives a nice feminine shape.

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How to wear grey, Et Vous blog

Wearing grey doesn’t have to be boring. Just like black it is a colour that never goes out of style and can be worn with many other colours, all year round. Here are our top tips for wearing grey:

  • GREY TONE: The lighter the grey the darker the complementary colour should be and vice versa. For example light grey pants with a dark navy top or dark grey skirt with a blush pink blouse.
  • PROFESSIONAL: Team your grey tones with white or black for a very professional look. This is a classic colour combination that is always on trend. Add a splash of colour in your accessories or footwear to brighten it up if desired.
  • SILVER: Grey tones look amazing with silver. Whether it is in your jewellery, clutch, footwear or clothing, a touch of shimmer can lift the whole outfit.
  • MINIMAL: Try not to overdo an outfit with too much grey. For example if you are wearing a grey top you don’t have to wear a grey hat, break it up with colour, black or white.
  • NIGHT OUT: You can’t beat a bold lipstick and a smokey eye to dress up an outfit.

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If you are needing some inspiration here our suggestions for colours that go great with a grey colour palette:

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how to wear statement sneakers

Coloured sneakers are a great basic to have in your wardrobe, they never go out of style and can be worn all year round. Sometimes they can seem a bit daunting wondering “what will I ever wear them with”, but here are some of our fool proof styling tips:

  • Keep the colour palette of the rest of your outfit simple. Don’t try to put too many different colours or patterns together if you are unsure, limit it to 2 or 3.
  • If you are going to wear colour in your outfit, avoid different tones of the sneaker colour e.g. If you are wearing yellow shoes don’t wear mustard clothing! Colours look best if they match the sneakers or are completely different.
  • You don’t have to match the colour of your sneakers to your outfit if you don’t want to. In fact, it can sometimes look better if they don’t match, let the sneakers be the focal point.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear them with dresses or jeans. They look great with both!

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How to wear: Drop Crotch Pants

Drop Crotch Pants

Drop crotch pants are a fashion statement that is here to stay. They are edgy, fashion forward and have you tried a pair on? They are comfy as heck! At et vous we are a big fan of drop crotch pants and there are multiple ways to style them to feel confident and look great. We recommend if you are are trying them for the first time and are a bit hesitant on the style, start with a smaller drop crotch, something like the Rundholz Black Sam Pant is perfect. Here are our tips on how to style drop crotch pants like a natural:

  • EFFORTLESS: When dressing casual we often like to look like we just grabbed pieces from our wardrobe and threw them on (even if it took a hour). Add a crisp white T-Shirt (partly tucked in at the front looks great) and your favourite sneakers and sunglasses for an everyday look.
  • STRUCTURED: While these pants are often a looser fit in the leg, contrast with a structured jacket on top and it changes the whole ensemble! Put on your favourite blazer or leather jacket, add some boots and you are set.
  • NIGHT OUT: It is amazing what a pair of heels can do to transform an outfit! Dress up your drop crotch pants by putting on your heels (they don’t have to be stilettos) tie your hair back and add some bold lipstick.
  • LAYERS: Don’t be afraid to add layers on top to your look. A bustier, chunky necklace or scarf can add an extra dimension to an already fashion forward look.
  • GIRLY: If your fashion style is naturally more feminine, combine them with a pastel coloured top and footwear. Don’t be afraid to accessorise as well! Incorporate your own style with the pants and own it!
  • BE CONFIDENT: Walk out of the house and hold your head high because you look great!

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