European Culture

European Culture – Dedicated to metropolitan artists and athletes worldwide. European Culture, artistic spirit and athletic attitude uniquely track of the new Active Elegant Wear style code. Genetically orientated to sportswear makes its royalties and the materials but disrupts the expression. Formal, classic, tailored and military mingle and find a creative new solution for garments manufactured but not force.

European cosmopolitan and individual cultures, inherited the fascinating European Culture and projects in “sportswear fashion” with a refined language, sober simple and versatile.

The “newbasic” with European Culture, become synonymous with elegance, modernity and fashion. The men’s and women’s collections are addressed to a client with its own power of choice, committed to quality and comfort, which prefers leaders with an interesting and simple design that can be worn over time so disconnected from the concept “seasonal” fashionable.

The European Culture garments use manufactured using fabricating and mixing between their different natural fabrics, are immersed in color tanks for 4 hours at 95 °. The result is represented by high-quality, worn, have value and beauty over time, thanks to the fact that after every wash we highlight tones and shades that give the garment a “vintage” effect which is truly unique. The particular dyeing process, done at a temperature of 95 °, allows to obtain garments also completely sterilised, giving a guarantee of hygiene of no little value for those who must wear them.

The chosen raw materials are of high value, with particular attention to the standards of resistance to treatments and wear. This concern, combined with the innovative and sophisticated design make a unique product made by the European Culture. The specialization of the company in this process allows the  use of materials not normally considered for colouring, as the latest generation and wool fibers.

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