Lela Jacobs Sweatshirt Crop with Silk Arms Black



The Lela Jacobs T-Shirt Crop with Silk Arms Blacks is a sweatshirt bodest with 100% silk arms. 

It features a boxy fit, inspired by the 80's.
A trans-seasonal gem using only the finest ingredients of organic cotton sweatshirting, silk and shell buttons.

Size: One size fits most. Recommended for 6-14NZ/AU.

Lela Jacobs is a hands-on designer based in Aotearoa New Zealand, committed to long-form local manufacturing and considered environmental decision making. Working with principles of zero waste pattern-making, Jacob’s places emphasis on the integrity and prior crafting of fabrics, treating garment design as a means to honour the meaningful labour, ecological impact and histories of fine textiles. Each collection is minimal and understated with an emphasis on strong design, innovation and androgynous appeal. A monochromatic colour palette of predominantly blacks, greys, whites, neutrals and specially commissioned prints, accentuate the conceptual silhouettes and strong lines of a Lela Jacobs collection.

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