Rundholz Mainline Pitcairn


Hay Cloud
Coal Cloud

The Rundholz Mainline Pitcairn is a showstopper 100% silk double-layered dress with stunning colour variation, creating a gorgeous, edgy dress for event wear, or styled overtop of jeans. Featuring an inner dress, with an external layer with split seam detailing, which hangs beautifully overtop of the inner dress. Surprisingly this dress is one piece, with double neckline straps.

Hay cloud: A charcoal grey, with a washed edgy finish, creating variation in colour tones of medium toned charcoal and a lighter charcoal wash. This colour has  a soft undertone of green. The Hay cloud is slightly opaque design, we recommend you wear a slip, underneath.

Coal Cloud: A dark charcoal colour with a washed edgy finish. The material features a soft bubble wrap type imprint in different areas throughout the material, giving it stunning texture throughout. We recommend you wear a slip, underneath.

Rundholz is world-renowned for creating fashion that combines innovative designs, unconventional details and experimental fabric treatments for a distinctly independent look. The husband and wife duo behind the brand, Carsten and Lenka Rundholz, work together to present their distinctive and inspirational style every season. Today, their headquarters is housed in a modernised 200 year-old farmhouse in the Lower Rhine region of Germany.

These wonderful designers are responsible for the creation of the Rundholz Mainline, Dip and Black Label collections. Each collection has its own unique style and fabrics. The Mainline Label is edgy, innovative, experimental and very wearable. The Dip Collection is known for its stunning heavy dyed fabrics. The Black Label Collection offers all the shapes and styles of Rundholz but with everyday fabrics.



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