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Vlas Blomme, shop online, Et Vous

Japanese brand ‘Vlas Blomme’ means Linen Flower in Flemish.

Vlas Blomme presents an organic view of the world in the space of an inorganic art gallery. The key concepts are Art and the Future.

This collection harmonizes art and fashion while looking toward the future; combining the fashionability and functionality of both the “visual” and the “wearable” aspects, and engaging us in a dreamlike future-oriented sense of amazement and emotion.

The essence of inspiring originality and limitless creativity is expressed in this collection through a visually unique silhouette and handicraft work.

After a decade spent in the business world, Roula Dfouni decided the time had come to embrace the true calling of her heart; the calling of art.

As with all things, Dfouni gave herself body and soul to this calling. She dedicated the next two years of her life to learning all she could about the future which awaited her, taking a series of intensive courses at ESMOD Beirut, and imbuing herself in every aspect of the world of art. In doing so, she began to visualize her destiny.

Today her destiny is made manifest in the unique pieces of contemporary jewelry she crafts; each one individual, evocative, powerful, beautiful.

Her pieces, which are exquisitely handcrafted, are made of layered black and white oxidized sterling silver, complementarily combined but never quite blended together, and adorned by rough, unpolished gemstones. While the materials Dfouni uses in her work are conventional, accessible, one could even say simple, the results are anything but. Geometric forms, which are a constant thread throughout her work, combine with the earthy, unfinished feel of rough gemstones, and the depth and tactile beauty of her silverwork, to create pieces of starling beauty, each one with its own distinctive personality.

At the heart of Dfouni’s work lies a constant; the belief that art and simplicity can not only coexist, but come together to create a more inspiring whole.

Today her two collections, New Earth, and Construct-Deconstruct, along with her custom commissions, deliver upon this constant. Tomorrow who knows what awaits us as Dfouni continues to explore her world … and ours.

Designers 26

The inspiration for her creative avant-garde collections finds the Berlin-based designer Anett Röstel often in the encounter with the fabric. Contrasting surfaces, special materials and unusual structures acquire a new assignation in her designs. She often use to change the used materials. The most important criterion in the selection and processing is the high quality. Impressions of art, culture and architecture are also reflected in her design. Unusual and often complex cuts, combined with the attention to detail are the signature of the designer. Sure coordinated colors combine their haute couture collections into a whole. This enables Anett Röstel to have unique outfits that reflect the feminine image of the models in a special way.

Designers 29

Claudio Cutuli was born in Calabria into a family that boasts at least five generations of dyers and weavers. So well established is the Cutuli name in the fashion sector, it is found in top Italian, European and Asian boutiques. He is driven by an unbridled passion for his work, so much so that he consider himself bound, as if by an umbilical cord, to every aspect of the world of fashion. His shawls, wraps and scarves shun all that is mass-produced, not out of snobbery, but because they are created to last. The collection is founded on his personal creative vision, who favors fine fabrics like hemp, linen, bamboo, silk, wool and cashmere exclusively hand-woven on 30’s ancient family looms and dyed using carefully selected premium raw materials of plants, animal and mineral origin as Fraxinus excelsior, Hibiscus sabdariffa L., Rubia tinctorum L., Quercus petraea Liebl., Sambucus Nigra L., Coccus cacti L. Chamomilla recutita, Helianthus annuus, etc. using natural methods and the age-old mixtures used by Cutuli’s forefathers. For almost two hundred years, natural dyeing techniques have been the forte of the family’s artisan textile company and natural color, as Cutuli himself says, is synonymous with life, passion and joy, but above all it is the fundamental element thanks to which we can still dream. His collections are the product of meticulous research and sum up his experiences in their original creativity and ability to convey emotions, overcoming the fickle diktats of fashion and never losing the authentic influence of his Mediterranean roots.

Designers 4

Umit Unal currently runs his private atelier in the ancient part of Istanbul/Turkey where he designs his collections with a small team of artists, craftsmen and family members. Growing up in the environment of a tailors family influenced him in many ways am defined his destiny. After studies in archeology, art history and fashion design, he decided to focus completely on his own brand.

Hand craftsmanship and a masculine aesthetic that is strong in shades of grey and neutrals, with stylish trousers, hand knitted pullovers and washed silk, gives Umit Unal a silhouette that crosses generations.

Designers 8

Damaris Vrandecic has for the past three years been producing her own collection of extraordinary accessories.  Her shoes, bags and jewellery are produced after a fastidious search for the finest materials.  The leathers, semi-precious stones and organic material such as bone and sea shells are then treated in a most unorthodox fashion, even before the manufacturing process begins.  Leather is washed, wrinkled and hung to dry, organic matter is combined with precious materials such as silver and finally, the production begins.

A handful of talented craftsmen then assemble the pieces, each one a unique item or part of a limited edition. Damaris believes that this balance of production and creation is what makes her pieces so unique.  The synthesis of materials and composition, “weaving time and texture, the precious and the coarse made to sing.”

Designers 1

Designed in Paris, France, Hiromi and Sophie take a direct outlook on creativity, colour and form which results in simple yet elegant pieces in 18ct gold, silver and diamond.

Their philosophy is as follows:

A Hymn To Symplicity

Chose light. Watch it dwell on a curve, master a movement or twist a contrast. Tame the truth of matter. Press down its imprint so as to reveal it for what it is : powerful, multiple and authentic. Re-discover with it certain elementary principles : structure and purity. Work on the depths of blackness, the intensity of silver and the amazement of colour. Repeat to yourself that eternity exists and beauty lies concealed in the most unhoped for places. Inspire contemplation and create jewels that are just right, frank and clear, fitting the figure of a genuine woman.


Home 53

Tam & Company is a manufacturing company in its own right run by the Cozza family (Andrea, Anna, Franca and Matteo).

Tam & Company was set up in 1986 to manufacture clothing for major Italian and foreign brands. It specialises in the manufacturing of top quality niche products and since the very beginning it has invested all its efforts into research, experimentation and technology.

With the take-over of the TRANSIT par-such brand in 1994 and the creation of the TRANSIT UOMO brand in 2001 the Company started to design, manufacture and distribute its own designer clothing collections and carry out research into all aspects of the business, all using its own staff and facilities.

Today the Company exports its TRANSIT collections to 35 countries throughout the world, distributing its products in some of the most glamorous multi-brand and select stores in the fashion world.

Research, design, craftsmanship and plenty of dedication and enthusiasm are the hallmark of the Company.

Designers 27

European Culture – Dedicated to metropolitan artists and athletes worldwide. European Culture, artistic spirit and athletic attitude uniquely track of the new Active Elegant Wear style code. Genetically orientated to sportswear makes its royalties and the materials but disrupts the expression. Formal, classic, tailored and military mingle and find a creative new solution for garments manufactured but not force.

European cosmopolitan and individual cultures, inherited the fascinating European Culture and projects in “sportswear fashion” with a refined language, sober simple and versatile.

The “newbasic” with European Culture, become synonymous with elegance, modernity and fashion. The men’s and women’s collections are addressed to a client with its own power of choice, committed to quality and comfort, which prefers leaders with an interesting and simple design that can be worn over time so disconnected from the concept “seasonal” fashionable.

The European Culture garments use manufactured using fabricating and mixing between their different natural fabrics, are immersed in color tanks for 4 hours at 95 °. The result is represented by high-quality, worn, have value and beauty over time, thanks to the fact that after every wash we highlight tones and shades that give the garment a “vintage” effect which is truly unique. The particular dyeing process, done at a temperature of 95 °, allows to obtain garments also completely sterilised, giving a guarantee of hygiene of no little value for those who must wear them.

The chosen raw materials are of high value, with particular attention to the standards of resistance to treatments and wear. This concern, combined with the innovative and sophisticated design make a unique product made by the European Culture. The specialization of the company in this process allows the  use of materials not normally considered for colouring, as the latest generation and wool fibers.

Designers 28

Bensimon is a family story! The brand conveys its values and DNA from generation to generation: the spirit of sharing, of openness to the world, of a colorful vision of life, of passion for unique pieces and timeless products.

Carrying these values, the company, embodied by two brothers, Serge and Yves Bensimon is constantly guided by encounters, passion and interaction. Honest, human, modest and kindhearted, Bensimon believes in the future with confidence and optimism.

Who has never once worn a pair of Bensimon sneakers? Iconic and indispensable, it features in everybody’s story. It has become, over the years, the everyday “friend” and seduces all generations. It is part of French heritage and known as an emblem of Parisian fashion.

Designers 3

An inspirational collection of clothing designs from German Carsten and Lenka Rundholz. These wonderful designers are responsible for the creation of the Rundholz Mainline, Dip and Black Label collections. Each collection has its own unique style and fabrics. The Mainline Label is edgy, innovative, experimental and very wearable. The Dip Collection is known for its stunning heavy dyed fabrics. The Black Label Collection offers all the shapes and styles of Rundholz but with everyday fabrics.

Rundholz is designed for the individual who does not need to comform. It’s experimentation with shape, structure and fabric means that season on season you are wowed by their creativity and insight. With Rundholz you have the best opportunity to create a truly unique outfit, which is both wearable and stunning.

Designers 2

Reinhard Plank was born in 1970 Vipiteno, South Tyrol. After graduating from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and studying abroad in Milan and Barcelona, he began experimenting with recycled hats and re-shaping them on his personal style. Due to his passion for making and re-designing hats, he moved to Tuscany in 2005 and approached the old and traditional art of making hats. The same year he took part at Pitti Uomo and emerged as an international hat designer.

Reinhard Plank’s designs are a mixture of classical lines with contemporary forms. His fast forward thinking compositions embody uniqueness and flexibility.

Designers 6

Maison Scotch by Amsterdam based label Scotch & Soda, stands by the philosophy of making great garments that suit every individual. “We want people to love their clothes and enjoy wearing them.” Maison Scotch products are rich in detail, high quality and affordable. The designers at Maison Scotch spare no effort or expense at detailing and fine-tuning samples, all the way to the neatly finished interior of each garment.

Garments are inspired by tried and true classic styles, focusing their look on laid back feminine elegance whilst keeping the collection eclectic, channeling the labels rock chic aesthetic while considered classics like Breton stripe tops remain perfect staples.

Designers 11

Classically trained in pattern making and draping, Roxanne Heptner founded Wilt in 2009 on a mission to create a line of beautifully shaped, uncomplicated tees. Clean lines, uneven hems and playful proportions that would give women a soft, lived-in alternative to what was not being offered in the market.

Since the beginning, they’ve drawn inspiration from the Japanese aesthetic wabi-sabi. “A beauty of things imperfect, unfinished and evolving.”

Uniqueness, not mass production: We create distinctive pieces with enduring style to effortlessly elevate a woman’s look.

Design, not decoration: We add comfort to style by combining the simplest forms and the most exquisite materials.

Remarkable Construction, Unconstructed Moments.

Designers 7

Número 10 is the creator of Italian Alberto Mondini, a craftsman who has been working as a top notch artisan with his hands and cleverness in leather for more than 40 years. His endless dedication and his passion for leather is the consequence of an honoured and faithful tradition that has fulfilled Albertos life over the generations. When this genetic heritage knocked his turn, it translated into a 100% Italian honesty and discipline of working ‘out-of-the-box’ designs into outstanding functional creations.

“The intention is to produce bags with unmistakable personality, each specimen processed and dyed by hand, just like it was done by the ancient Tuscan leather craftsmen. The goal is to create accessories that come into people’s lives and become necessary, a milestone, just like something we dearly treasure. The objective will only be reached when we think about those models and items that are forgotten by ourselves in the closet for a few years (but also for a couple of decades) and when we find them again, they are still fresh and current.”
Alberto Mondini – Designer Número 10

Designers 30

The creative team of Zhrill contents several creative heads, with different stories. But the equal for passion and style they are travel and fashion lovers who have worked all around Europe as fashion consultants, style researchers and designers. Always seeking for new sources of inspiration and constantly evolving. They decided the the time was right to bring to you the latest rends that they have found on their way, adjusted to a unique point of view. Wanting to express their essence of style, they created Zhrill. To show the world what they are thrilled about! Show the world who you are, express your style and be a Zhrill.

Designers 32

Exclusive Luxury Knitwear from LA

Effortless and ultra modern, LiAM is a concise collection of unique styles. Using only the best wool and cashmere yarns, each piece is relaxed and luxurious.

Designed in LA, by ‘Beautiful People’ designer Gosha Pinno, this collection is all about simplicity. Nothing about LiAM is complicated.

The LiAM shapes are designed to drape over the body. Key styles for the Fall 2011 collection are the oversized scoop neck tunics with tapered sleeves, cropped wide fit cardigans, and hooded v neck pull overs. All styles are designed to be worn for comfort but have a prestigious look and feel.

Rails at Et Vous

Rails creates a unique intersection in fashion by blending the casual comfort of Southern California with a sleek sophistication. Relaxed but always refined, the collection draws on influences from international travel to metropolitan living. Rails is dedicated first and foremost to the quality of the garment, by creating a perfect combination of comfort and tailoring.

Founded in 2008 by Los Angeles native, Jeff Abrams, Rials has grown from a small label – started with just a single hat – into  full collection of womens, mens and children apparel. Sold at top international retailers, and worn by a loyal following of celebrities and tastemakers, the brand has come to define a new classic heritage and relaxed sensibility.

Designers 33

Born from a desire to make cashmere more accessible, White + Warren has been setting the standard for everyday luxury since 1997. From the company’s founding moment, Susan White and her New York City-based team have been pushing the boundaries of traditional cashmere business models – creating, innovating and leading the industry through inspiration and perseverance.

A head-to-toe knitwear brand with modern-day appeal, White + Warren blends classic and contemporary sensibilities through extraordinary craftsmanship. Its evergreen essentials collection is founded on the principle that every woman should have the opportunity to own a beautiful cashmere garment. The brand’s signature piece, the iconic cashmere travel wrap is an item that belongs in every woman’s wardrobe. Its versatility as a scarf, a wrap, and a blanket makes it the ultimate accessory – the piece you didn’t know you needed until you can’t live without it.

Appealing to women who appreciate quality and want to dress the way they feel, White + Warren’s knits are without pretense or flash striking a balance between enduring and cool. A fashion-driven philosophy is highlighted in the brand’s seasonal collections, which bring together innovative details and unexpected stylistic elements. Between rich custom colors that change seasonally, and specialty yarns, textures and accents, White + Warren breaks the mold of traditional knitwear, putting a contemporary spin on timeless, wearable clothing. White + Warren is affordable luxury at its finest.


Good & Co, Et Vous, Shop Online, New Plymouth

Good&Co aims to intelligently amalgamate fashion and art. Each piece turns its wearer into a walking artwork – though only those in the know will be aware of the detail.

Feminine and functional but never fussy, the GOOD&CO aesthetic appeals to those who like their luxury to come with a playful twist. Each item functions simultaneously as a timeless, classic investment piece and also as an inherently modern accessory. Destined to be enjoyed and loved by generations of women, each GOOD&CO piece is unique.

New Zealand designer Lillie Toogood is the brains behind the brand – her love of photography, travel, textiles and design collide serendipitously in GOOD&CO. Having worked for Karen Walker, Trelise Cooper and Camilla and Marc, Sydney-based Lillie started GOOD&CO in 2011.

Lillie’s background in graphic design is evident in her eye for colour and form – each GOOD&CO piece is based on a photograph she’s taken in her travels, from the gangs of bikes lining the streets of European cities, to a moment of market life in a seaside town of Vietnam. Shapes, patterns and colours that are captured to create beautiful textiles, and take the wearer across boarders to be a part of the moment.

Jimmy D at Et Vous Fashion Boutique, New Plymouth

Auckland based designer James Dobson began the label Jimmy D in 2004, winning the prestigious Mercedes Start Up Award with his first collection. Jimmy D’s signature look is dark, with a wry sense of humour, combining deconstructed, androgynous, over sized silhouettes with body conscious elements.

Jimmy D continues to win new fans the world over each season and is currently stocked in select boutiques through out New Zealand and has been featured in international publications such as Japanese and Korean Vogue and Sportswear International where Jimmy D was selected as one of ‘The eight most directional collections today.

Miss Crabb Et Vous

Miss Crabb is a New Zealand clothing line established in 2004 by Kristine Crabb with a flagship store on Auckland’s Ponsonby Road. Every piece of the line is produced in New Zealand. Supporting high-quality local production is an important value of the brand.

Miss Crabb takes a subversive approach to shape, proportion and beauty so each piece transcends time, age and place. The clothes are made to be interpreted by the wearer,  encouraging singularity and freedom. A Miss Crabb piece is at once skilfully complex and seemingly simple in its construction and appearance. This harmony between design and restraint allows the purity of fabrics such as silk, linen and cotton to speak for itself. The patterns, which Kristine cuts herself, are often basic geometric shapes which delicately transform these natural materials into modern yet quietly poetic and enduring pieces.

Kristine lives in Auckland with her three young children. She is inspired by the seasonal beauty of the NZ landscape and its mythology.

Designers 17

Karen Walker is known for its fun and optimistic style.

Karen Walker Eyewear launched in 2005 and has established a cult following around the world. It has a reputation for its originality, quality, effortless cool and sense of fun.

Karen Walker Eyewear is sold globally in high-end department stores, boutiques and eyewear specialists including Barneys New York, Harvey Nichols, Lane Crawford, Galeries Lafayette, Net-A-Porter, and Shopbop.

It’s attracted a wide fan base of stylish women including Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Beyoncé, Carey Mulligan, and Charlize Theron.

In 2013, Karen Walker partnered with the United Nations’ Ethical Fashion Initiative to create work for community groups or artisans in Kenya. This was also the basis for the 2014 campaign imagery. The Ethical Fashion Initiative connects luxury fashion brands with artisans in West and East Africa and in Haiti, providing work and empowerment for marginalised people.

Designers 15

Since its inception in 2008, Company of Strangers has seduced a cult following with a proudly 100% New Zealand made range of high quality garments, leather and jewellery. Referencing art, architecture and rock ‘n’ roll muses as inspiration, Company of Strangers symbolises the ability to appear darkly subversive, yet still capable of being romantic.

Garments are meticulous yet experimental reflecting a modern simplicity, combining luxury fabrics with contemporary functionality. Particular consideration is taken to create silhouettes that are strong but sensual, timeless, pieces that are adaptable to any wardrobe and any season. COS have hand selected the best local craftsmen to manufacture their products to ensure the highest quality is maintained. COS garments are pre washed and quality tested in house by them before they arrive to you. What you see is what you get, these are investment pieces that are built to last.


Each season, revealing the latest Trelise Cooper collection is like the unveiling of a romantic and eclectic art exhibition. Every piece in the range has been lovingly crafted using diverse fabrics and finishes to create the final beautiful result, which ultimately delights both the wearer and the observer.

Establishing her business in 1985, Trelise Cooper, the unconventional force behind New Zealand’s most successful fashion empire, has built her brand through trusting her own instincts as well as a natural sense of beauty and design by which the world has become intrigued.

Designers 35

Deadly Ponies offers the world an eclectic collection of handbags, wallets and jewellery that harmoniously and provocatively blur the lines between high fashion, form and function.

Using some of the best production techniques in the world, Deadly Ponies’ signature leather is ethically sourced in New Zealand to create the world’s best accessories. Small-scale production, highest-quality and well-handled craftsmanship, remains at the forefront of every Deadly Ponies design. It has become a critical element in evolving the brand and ensuring a loyal and devoted following.

Deadly Ponies accessories are lovingly designed in our Auckland studio by a talented team of leather creatives and craftspeople. But that love for the product begins long before the hides arrive. Each skin passes through more than 30 steps before reaching its finished state. In the tannery, New Zealand’s most skilled tanners hand select the very best hides and create seasonal custom colours.

Standing the test of time, Deadly Ponies accessories have been at the cutting-edge of Australasian design for a decade. Nowadays the global appeal of the brand sees them in the hands of some of the world’s biggest names and the most discerning of buyers.

Designers 25

AGE references vintage styles influenced by the characters of the‘50’s through to the experimental ‘70’s, yet also appreciates the modern details, manifested in materials, finish and practicality.

High quality eyewear shouldn’t have to come with the high price tag, which is why New Zealand-designed AGE eyewear pride themselves on creating unique, handmade designs – originating from pen and paper and delivered into the finished product for your useAGE.

AGE has the knowledge of what has come before with its eyes placed firmly on the future.

AGE is Hollie Reedy, owner of “Fast-Forward/Rewind” in London.
During her years in London, Hollie created great relationships with her vintage wholesalers which lead to the opportunity to build her own in-store glasses collection. With such a high demand on Hollie’s chosen styles her attention then turned to creating her own sunglass and optical collection named, AGE. Age Eyewear is a New Zealand owned and operated business.

Designers 31

Nineteen//46 was not just a year. It was the year. The year men returned from war and women struggled to return to how things were. In fact they didn’t. They were now fighters, survivors, and liberators. They held families together, stepped up to roles they had never had and realised they were capable of doing anything. It was a year that influenced a century.

Beautifully understated knitwear that celebrates liberation and gives you the freedom to be yourself. No dictatorship, no confinement. Each piece is designed to compliment your unique style, naturally fit your body and effortlessly enhance who you already are. Every garment only finds its full potential once united with its owner.

Designed by dreamer and doer Bronwyn Eichbaum, Nineteen//46 is steeped in the heritage of quality knitwear brand Silverdale. A loyal family company born in 1946 when Ted and Daisy’s sons, the Antcliff brothers, returned from war and never looked back. A cunning culmination of craftsmanship and possibility.

100% merino, 100% machine washable, 100% you, every year will now carry a little Nineteen//46.