Top 5 bags and sunglasses to accessorise any outfit

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Accessorising your outfit, just like anything in your wardrobe, is all about personal taste. We think it should also be about functionality - that is what good design is based on. Using bags and glasses to accessorise your outfit is both a personal expression and a practical decision. They show you've put thought into your outfit and are confident in yourself with a little decoration.

We have selected 5 of our bags and glasses which we absolutely love! Check them out below and click on any to view the product in more detail.

Scotch & Soda Belt BagAge Eyewear Triage Black w Red

Numero 10 Liverpool-TD bagKaren Walker Ezra Black Blush

Numero 10 Liverpool Gof/C Woman's Bag /Old RhumAge Eyewear Triage Plum/Tort

Scotch & Soda Poolside Neoprene PouchAge Eyewear Cage Blue to Red 

Numero 10 Marbella -Cow BackpackKaren Walker Northern Lights V2 Black

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