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Layered clothing is a term to describe a way of dressing using many garments worn on top of one another. Using more or fewer layers, allows for flexible clothing to match the needs of different situations and seasons.  When you invest in your clothing it is good to know how to transition these pieces to have almost a year round application. You want to make sure that your outfit works both as a whole and minus an outer layer or two.

A good quality basis is a great place to start and our all natural fabric Chantelle and EGi range of underwear, camis and long sleeve basics has you covered all year round.


We often relate our white pieces to summer but wearing ‘winter’ white by adding layers under and over for warmth means your white pieces are season-less and endlessly versatile. Let a flash of white peek out beneath a darker coat for some epic contrast. Top off the look with extra comfortable accessories such as boots, scarves, gloves and beanies.


Summer White Clothing

Et Vous Winter White Layers
Ah, the drop crotch pant! Drop crotch pants are all about looking chill, relaxed and cool but they also allow you to individualise your look in a multitude of situations.

Wear them more tailored with a blazer and heels, perfect office attire. Play with loose and relaxed layers up top with a structured element like a scarf and flat shoes. Or go for the lux sportswear’s look, with this years must have in a hooded sweat top and sneakers.

Brooke wears the Rundholz Dip Bay Pants

 Love Your Layers, Drop Crotch Pants 3 Ways

A mesh piece is 100% an investment piece, it can take you from summer to winter or day to night. The sheer nature of it means you can get creative with your layers either underneath or overtop. It is a great way to add texture and interest, wear them with your favourite pants, layer over a dress or under a coat in winter.
Marion Wears the Rundholz Dip Nutmeg Dress
Rundholz Mesh Top Worn 3 Ways

We tend to classify our wardrobe as day or evening wear pieces but changing what we put with our looks can transform a outfit from day to night with ease. Swapping the shoes from a casual to a more dressy pair, adding a luxurious scarf, clutch bag or some red lippy can transform the look. Don't be afraid to add some statement accessories.

 Day To Night Look Et Vous Fashion Boutique


Day To Night pants Et Vous Boutique

Love Your Layers Collection

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  • Lianne: June 26, 2019

    Brilliant and inspiring tips. Thanks girls!

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