Age Eyewear

AGE references vintage styles influenced by the characters of the‘50’s through to the experimental ‘70’s, yet also appreciates the modern details, manifested in materials, finish and practicality.

High quality eyewear shouldn’t have to come with the high price tag, which is why New Zealand-designed AGE eyewear pride themselves on creating unique, handmade designs – originating from pen and paper and delivered into the finished product for your useAGE.

AGE has the knowledge of what has come before with its eyes placed firmly on the future.

AGE is Hollie Reedy, owner of “Fast-Forward/Rewind” in London.
During her years in London, Hollie created great relationships with her vintage wholesalers which lead to the opportunity to build her own in-store glasses collection. With such a high demand on Hollie’s chosen styles her attention then turned to creating her own sunglass and optical collection named, AGE. Age Eyewear is a New Zealand owned and operated business.

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