CATH•S is a company created by Jean-Louis De Groote and Catherine Schuermans-De Groote in 2006.

In Catherine’s search for original jewellery, she found the market was submerged by tiny necklaces and a lot of common brands, which were in strong contradiction with her Belgian fashion taste.

What began as a quest for something different, revealed a whole new world of possibilities: CATH•S started to create an alternative.

Her fascination for art and architecture and her high appreciation for Belgian designers, draw her naturally to horn. The challenge to explore the organic traces in horn and trying to elevate it to worldly designs has always been CATH•S trademark. The continuous search of new and sophisticated techniques to bypass the conventional work of horn, enables CATH•S to create architectural and unique pieces.

From the beginning, CATH•S was dedicated to working with environmentally and socially sensitive production methods. CATH•S provides employment for master craftsmen mainly in Italy, and a market for their work., contributing in keeping alive the knowledge and skills of these talented people.

CATH•S jewellery stands the test of time, as horn is never out-dated, never in or out of fashion. That is why our designs are pure, made of straight-lined or organic shapes, as they reveal at its best the beautiful colour ranges horn has to offer.

CATH•S believes that buying jewellery should be easy and fun. It should leave you happy and good-looking: built on minimalistic aesthetics, CATH•S refined statement pieces beautify women.

CATH•S jewellery expresses personality and emotion.: exquisite handmade pieces, evocative of modern luxury.

Handmade in Italy, designed in Belgium.

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CATH•S Circle Horn Brooch
CATH•S Flat and Round Bracelet Silver
CATH•S Layered Horn Cylinder Bracelet

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