The ART of flure.

Designed to bring ambience, fragrance, and a statement to your space.
Curated by et vous Marketing Manager Sheridan.

Flure offers a curated collection of one-of-a-kind pieces of ART. Bringing out their most loved candle scents to their stockists in unique and often unusual-shaped vessels. Bringing a minimalistic, creative and awe-inspiring ambience to your living space. 

Flure candles have an unparalleled scent throw that’s sure to fill your open space with a gorgeous scent. Featuring high-end scent profiles and vessels curated by hand. With every scent having undergone rigorous testing, to ensure it is strong and offers a perfect burn, every time you light it. 

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Flure Glass Blown Candles
Flure Travel Tin Collection - Medium
Flure Travel Tin Collection - Large
The ART of Flure Large Candle Collection

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