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A collection of luxury items personally curated for your home and lifestyle.
We house high quality brands including Voluspa, Ferm Living, The Laundress, Rosebud Slave, Flure and more.
Our range of candles are highly desired and pair perfectly with our diffusers. We also house admirable items for each room in your home including glassware, furniture and home decor. Our renowned Signature Pot Pouri has taken centre stage in homes locally and is now available worldwide.
Drape your home in Scandinavian-style decor, embark on a sensorial washing experience and fill your space with unparalleled fragrances.

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Flure Glass Blown Candles
Abel Scene 03 - Leather, Tonka, Vanilla - Natural Room Spray
The ART of Flure Large Candle Collection
Paw Geometric Deco Napkin
Et Vous Blank Greeting Cards Series 2/Len Lye
Seaweed Candle
Smiths Menthol and Eucalyptus Lip Balm Tube
Abel Fragrance Nurture 30 ml
Paw Passing Butterflies Napkin
Flure Travel Tin Collection - Large
London Vases
Paw Easter Feather Napkins
Tuck Vase - Blue
Smiths Rosebud Salve Tube Lip Balm
Abel Scene 02 - Fig, Marigold, Cedarwood - Natural Room Spray
London Ladies Monochrome Cross
Flure Travel Tin Collection - Medium
Abel Scene 01 - Green Tea, Yuzu, Verbena - Natural Room Spray
Abel Fragrances 50ML
Paw Golden Marble Napkins
Add a Gift Box
Paw Wooden Stamps Napkins
Plant Box long - Black
Et Vous Signature Pot Pouri
National Candle Pillar 75x250mm White
Barr- Co Hand Cream
Sea Salt Handcream
Organic Dehydrated Limes
Andrea & Joen Small Totem Candle
Sea Aster Candle
Seaweed Home Spray
Seaweed Handcream
Voluspa Apple blue Clover Diffuser
Voluspa Kalahari Watermelon Diffuser
Barr Co Wrapped Soap Spanish Lime
Napkins - Boheme Green
European Size Calm Cushion
Seaweed Hand & Body Wash
Smiths Minted Rose Lip Balm Tube
Town Talk Hand Sanitiser
Oval Beard Brush
Ripple Wine Glasses Set of 2 / Smoked
Ripple Long Drink Glass Set of 4
UASHMAMA Paper Zipped Wallet Large
Ferm Living Ripple Carafe
Sea Aster Handcream
Balance Tealight Holder
National Candle Pillar 95x250mm White

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