All Clothing and Footwear (full priced only)

For all customers converting their in-store credit to online loyalty points or online credit from returned items online. 


Conditions for instore - to online credit:
- Only use on full prices clothing and shoes. 
- Not to be used on sale items, home and living etc. 
- how to? all new clothing and footwear products needs to be added to the tag 'Clothing and Footwear'

Conditions for online sale returns:

offer expires in 1 year from the date of the returned item. 


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Jimmy D Space & Time Pleated Ribbon T Shirt Dress
Rabens Saloner Urike Top
Rabens Saloner Abia Wide Leg Pant
Rabens Saloner Natacha Mottled Top
Rabens Saloner Xenia Top
Rabens Saloner Babara Shirt
Rabens Saloner Kamilla Pant
Rabens Saloner Abiha Blouse
Rabens Saloner Carrin Jacket
Magnolia Pearl Robina 1865 Viggo Tee - Moonlight
Magnolia Pearl Audie Overalls
Magnolia Pearl Love Co Flora Scarf
Magnolia Pearl Love Co Floral Bandana Scarf
EGI Modal/Cashmere Wide Neck Top - Long Sleeve
Egi Modal/Cashmere Turtle Neck Top - Sleeveless
Egi Wool/Silk Turtleneck - Long Sleeved
EGI Wool/Silk Camisole
EGI Modal/Cashmere Shoe String Tank
Egi Modal Glitter - Long Sleeve Lurex Top
Egi Modal/Cashmere Leopard Printed Top - Long Sleeved
Magnolia Pearl YD Saffi Jacket
Magnolia Pearl Dharma Dragon Emb Kimono
Magnolia Pearl Supernova Fairy T Dress
Lela Jacobs Shirt Dress Rust Stained
Lela Jacobs Rompa Rust Stained
Paw Passing Butterflies Napkin
Paw Geometric Deco Napkin
Paw Easter Feather Napkins
Zhrill Marit Longsleeved Shirt
Transit Soft Turtle Neck Top
Transit Leather Blazer - Black
Rundholz Dip Shipley Pants
Rundholz Mainline Lou Pants
Rundholz Mainline Gin Shoe
Rundholz Mainline Steph Boot
Rundholz Mainline Viv Shoe
Rundholz Mainline Jess Pants
Rundholz Mainline Sally Pants
Rundholz Mainline Max Skirt
Rundholz Mainline Pat Skirt
Rundholz Mainline Zoe Bow
Rundholz Black Olsen Top
Rundholz Black Biden Top
Rundholz Black Homer Jacket Fur
Rundholz Black Marley Gloves
Rabens Saloner Joze Skirt
Rabens Saloner Joselina Dress
Raben Saloner Jamal Solid Draped Long sleeved Dress

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