Magnolia Pearl

More than just a fashion brand. Magnolia Pearl is a story, designed to help you tell yours. The garments are just along for the ride, pieces of thread and light, sewn summations of surrender, and dreams, with a poem on the sleeve.

Robin Brown, Magnolia Pearl’s creator and designer, speaks in thread, her mother tongue. Piecing together a life of discarded scraps and torn fragments, Brown built Magnolia Pearl out of sheer hope. Launched in 2002 from Fredericksburg, Texas. What has grown over the years from these humble beginnings is nothing short of a miracle. Now worn by famous celebrities such as Lauren Daigle, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson  and Whoopi Goldberg. 

We will be dropping small collections of Magnolia Pearl every 2-4 weeks. Check back regularly or sign up to our re-stock notifications, available for some products. Due to the exclusive nature of Magnolia Pearl, we will never sale this brand. 

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Magnolia Pearl Robina 1865 Viggo Tee - Moonlight
Magnolia Pearl Audie Overalls
Magnolia Pearl Love Co Flora Scarf
Magnolia Pearl Love Co Floral Bandana Scarf
Magnolia Pearl YD Saffi Jacket
Magnolia Pearl Dharma Dragon Emb Kimono
Magnolia Pearl Supernova Fairy T Dress
Magnolia Pearl Floral Circus Love Tee - Ramon
Magnolia Pearl Dear Liza Eyelet Blouse
Magnolia Pearl Check Provision Trousers - Teddy Check
Magnolia Pearl Viggo Tee - True
Magnolia Pearl Embroidered Emmali Kimono - Papyrus
Magnolia Pearl Ric Rac Nonnie Belle Dress
Magnolia Pearl O Keefe Denims
Magnolia Pearl Blockprint Tora Shirt - Acanthus Sun
Magnolia Pearl And The Stars Go With You Book
Magnolia Pearl Louise Jabot Extended Wrap Ties
Magnolia Pearl Master Of Time Phases Viggo Tee - Nala

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