Rabens Saloner

Modernity and traditional craft come together in an ever-evolving conversation at Rabens Saloner. Founded in 2007 by creative director Birgitte Raben.

With a design team based in Copenhagen and an outpost in Bali where Birgitte spends six months out of the year, Rabens Saloner captures an adventurous eclecticism infused with a sensuous rock ‘n’ roll spirit.

Collaborating with a close-knit team of local Balinese artisans and dyers, authentic craftsmanship is distilled through Birgitte’s confident East-meets-West lens and translated into a wardrobe for today and beyond. The brand’s signature tie-dyes continually push creative boundaries, done entirely by hand with only the human eye as a guide, making each piece completely unique to the wearer.

Collections innately cater to the AM to PM wardrobe, where effortlessness and creativity collide in draped silhouettes that bring a sense of informality to the powerfully feminine.

We take care of the environment
As many styles as possible are made from certificated fabrics, with minimal use of mixed fabrics at Rabens Saloner. With an aim of developing styles with a long healthy lifetime that eventually will turn into vintage pieces. All packaging is made from either FSC certificated or made of recycled plastic.

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Rabens Saloner Kitna Linear Quilt Butterfly Top
Rabens Saloner Babara Shirt
Rabens Saloner Joselina Dress
Rabens Saloner Abia Wide Leg Pant
Rabens Saloner Natacha Mottled Top
Rabens Saloner Urike Top
Rabens Saloner Carrin Jacket
Rabens Saloner Xenia Top
Rabens Saloner Kamilla Pant
Rabens Saloner Abiha Blouse
Rabens Saloner Joze Skirt
Raben Saloner Jamal Solid Draped Long sleeved Dress
Rabens Saloner Helin Crumpled Jacket
Rabens Saloner Arcadia Dress
Rabens Salona Shelly Knit Scarf
Rabens Saloner Shena Boxy Sweater
Rabens Saloner Lykka Tramline Jersey Dress
Rabens Saloner Lolo Embossed Leather Bum Bag
Rabens Saloner Nadina Tiered Dress
Raben Saloner Jamilla Dress
Raben Saloner Elenore Dress
Raben Saloner Helen Pant
Rabens Saloner Octavia Tiered Top
Rabens Saloner Joscelyn Top

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