Rundholz is world-renowned for creating fashion that combines innovative designs, unconventional details and experimental fabric treatments for a distinctly independent look. The husband and wife duo behind the brand, Carsten and Lenka Rundholz, work together to present their distinctive and inspirational style every season. Today, their headquarters is housed in a modernised 200 year-old farmhouse in the Lower Rhine region of Germany.

These wonderful designers are responsible for the creation of the Rundholz Mainline, Dip and Black Label collections. Each collection has its own unique style and fabrics. The Mainline Label is edgy, innovative, experimental and very wearable. The Dip Collection is known for its stunning heavy dyed fabrics. The Black Label Collection offers all the shapes and styles of Rundholz but with everyday fabrics.

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Rundholz Dip Shipley Pants
Rundholz Dip Cooper Shoe
Rundholz Mainline Lou Pants
Rundholz Mainline Gin Shoe
Rundholz Mainline Steph Boot
Rundholz Mainline Viv Shoe
Rundholz Mainline Jess Pants
Rundholz Mainline Sally Pants
Rundholz Mainline Kate Pants
Rundholz Mainline Lisa Jacket
From $950.00 - $985.00
Rundholz Mainline Max Skirt
Rundholz Mainline Pat Skirt
Rundholz Mainline Pam Belt
Rundholz Mainline Fay Belt - 3-in-1
Rundholz Mainline Zoe Bow
Rundholz Black Olsen Top
Rundholz Black Biden Top
Rundholz Black Elvis Cap
Rundholz Black Cherry Bag
Rundholz Black Homer Jacket Fur
Rundholz Black Marley Gloves
Rundholz Steve Tank Top
Rundholz Black Paul Tank
Rundholz Black Gus Top
Rundholz Mainline Murray Shoe
Rundholz Mainline Charles Jumpsuit
Rundholz Black Henry Top
Rundholz Black Russel Pant
Rundholz Black Boston Bag / Pet Bag Holder
Rundholz Black Pekinese Pant
Rundholz Black Bichon Necklace
Rundholz Black Boxer Bag - Pet Bag Holder
Rundholz Dip Jewel Dress
Rundholz Dip Julia Top
Rundholz Dip Goldfinch Gloves
Rundholz Black Pebble Shoe
Rundholz Black Shepard Shoes

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