UN-NAMABLE is interested in creating clothes that are absolutely unique and timeless, but, at the same time, experimental and innovative. The juxtaposition of special developed fabrics and avant-garde techniques transform the pieces in unexpected ideas, volumes, silhouettes. The collection has the essential priority to rediscover and emphasise the great values of craftsmanship producing unique artisan pieces, one different from the others. UN-NAMABLE's collections are out of ordinary: visionary and unconventional but handcrafted and a pleasure to wear; they are Avant-garde and innovative but with a timeless appeal; they are sophisticated but vegan and minimal: each piece is made with an excellence for quality giving attention to the great Design. These paradoxes create an outlook for women who are on the same wave-length, who are not interested in trend and want to show an uncommon femininity and a real distinct style: UN-NAMABLE's collection are for women who think for themselves, who have a quirky, individual and tasteful style.Handcrafted artworks that warm the soul and preserve the "Savoir-faire" of a group of artists who protect the authenticity of objects and refuse the commercial branding, believing in the idea that the only thing which can give to a piece an unique value is the combination of handwork and creativity.

UN-NAMABLE brand project started in 2012 and has been launched onto the market in 2013. The brand's target has always been to discover new designers/talents, growing up with them and making use of the great excellence of the local manufacturing heritage, in the famous textile district of Carpi. A group of designers, selected for their different attitudes, tastes and abilities, work on the projects, everyone trying to give his or her personal interpretation of the basic concept. These young team of new talents work cooperatively together with the researcher, a pathfinder of the whole world of materials and design and the taylor/designer who is able to combine an unusual creativity with the art of craftwork using scissors, needles and yarns. So they put together their experience in order to give birth to incomparable creations. These designers have different souls and experiences that combined together create an unconventional mixture which is really "un-namable", a mix which is the incontrovertible demonstration of the idea that Design is the transversal result of a combination of creativity, tecnical knowledge and continuous research. UN-NAMABLE's visionary attitude is supported by a deep-rooted attention to the materials and by the research of experimental technique in order to give an exclusive and unique appearance to the handcrafted pieces.

They use only fabrics made by Italian suppliers and the clothes production is entirely handcrafted by Carpi’s artisans.

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un-namable Pan Dress

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