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We wanted to see just how well the Town Talk Jewel Sparkle and Silver Polishing Cloths can clean, so we grabbed a couple of items that were extra tarnished and we’re amazed with the results. (These products even have an official Royal warrant of approval!)

The directions on the Jewel Sparkle state:

“Give your jewellery a deep clean! In just minutes this kit will restore the sparkle to jewellery and precious stones.
Place your jewellery in the basket and dip it into the cleaning fluid. Check after 2 minutes and repeat if necessary, but do not leave items immersed for long periods. Use the brush provided to gently clean behind the settings and remove any embedded dirt then dry with a soft, clean cloth.”

We soaked the ring and spoon in the Jewel Sparkle (below) and gently scrubbed the surface with the brush provided, then rubbed off any excess with the Silver Polishing Cloth. Overall, the process took about 10 minutes (both items we used were extremely tarnished) so we repeated the process a few times.

How great are the results?

The Town Talk Jewel Sparkle comes complete with dipping basket and brush. It’s suitable for cleaning gold, platinum and silver jewellery with hard gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

The items we selected to clean were both silver. If cleaning precious stones or gold, we recommend only using the Town Talk Jewel Sparkle. Take a look at this tutorial to see just how easy it really is to give your precious items the shine they really deserve:

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