How to become a Shawl Master

Traditionally worn as modest ceremonial and worship attire or to denote ranking of hierarchy or wealth; the stole, shawl or scarf and the social superiority of these has been adopted as an every-day achievable look, assisting in many means to accessorise, protect or provide warmth and comfort.

How many ways can you think to accessorise your look and become a shawl master?

Here’s how we’ve styled 3 of our favourites:

Claudio Cutuli Wrap option 1
Claudio Catuli Wrap option 2

The Claudio Catuli Wrap:

  1. Worn over the shoulders to provide warmth and elegance
  2. Flicked over the shoulder for simplicity and practicality

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Patchouli Scarf (Grey) Option 1
Patchouli Scarf (Grey) Option 2


The Patchouli Scarf (Grey):

  1. Folded and tucked into a belt for sophistication and strength
  2. Bunched, then wrapped around the neck and tucked in for more warmth and a ‘heavier’ look to the scarf itself

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The Patchouli Scarf (Blue) Option 1
The Patchouli Scarf (Blue) Option 2


The Patchouli Scarf (Blue):

  1. Twisted then knotted to accessorise
  2. Folded to create a ‘slim’ looking scarf and flicked over the shoulder for simplicity and warmth

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