Step into the world of Frances, a captivating New Zealand fashion brand that embodies the essence of transeasonal elegance and timeless allure. Nestled amidst the picturesque serenity of Martinborough, this brand is the brainchild of the visionary designer known as Gabby.

Frances defies the norm, breaking free from the seasonal fashion industry's traditional constraints. Instead, it proudly champions the principles of slow fashion, prioritising quality fibers and meticulous craftsmanship. In the hands of Gabby, clothing becomes an art form, transcending its functional purpose to reach a realm of creative innovation.

Gabby draws inspiration from the Japanese concept of 'ma,' which explores the delicate space between body and cloth. This philosophy infuses her designs with a unique sense of balance and harmony. She also challenges the boundaries of fashion by viewing garments as more than just clothing; they become wearable art. Gabby's exploration of clothing within an artistic context has led to creations like a shirt suspended on a metal framework, unbound by the constraints of the body, and a silk organza sculptural form that blurs the line between top and bag.

Frances is more than just a fashion brand; it's a testament to Gabby's artistry and her commitment to redefining the way we think about clothing. Discover the exquisite pieces that await you at our store, where Frances invites you to embrace the beauty of slow, timeless, and transcendent fashion.

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Frances Long-sleeved Shirt
Frances Ribbed Tank
Frances Drop Crutch Pant
Frances Cocktail Top
Frances Crew Neck Tee
Frances Pinstriped Blazer
Frances Tank Dress
Frances Linen Shorts
Frances Pinstriped Pant
Frances Cocktail Pant

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