The Ultimate Designer Gift Guide

Written by et vous Marketing Manager, Sheridan Anderson

Buying a gift for someone you love can be challenging at times.
I have a mum that usually buys herself whatever she wants, forgets to use her gift cards in time, and doesn’t book appointments for beauty massages us 4 kids have brought her in the past. As you can see, this has made it challenging for us to buy her something.

To give a good gift requires you to think outside of the box. What do they love that maybe they don’t even know they love? Or what do they enjoy, but would never buy it for themselves?

In this guide, we walk you through some of our most loved items for both Men and Women at our fashion boutique. Speaking from experience, year after year, I’ve always found something special from et vous that’s a little different from anything I’ve ever seen before. This has made for the best present gifts.


Let the Gift Guide begin…

Here is a tailored list of gift ideas that are perfect all celebrations, whether in Christmas presents, birthday presents or anniversaries, here’s our top gift ideas, and why we love them.


Voluspa Candles

voluspa candles are amazing and have a 100 hour burning

These stunning 100 hour burning candles have been a favourite since we opened in 2007.

Every season, we make a large candle order restock of the top selling scents in order to keep up with the demand! Yes they’re that popular!

  • Goji Tarocco Orange has notes of goji berry, ripe mango and tarocco orange.
  • Baltic Amber has notes of amber resin, sandalwood and vanilla orchid.
  • French Cade and Lavender has notes of french cade wood, verbena and bulgarian lavender.
  • Moso Bamboo has notes of Moso Bamboo, Black Musk and Japanese Cypress.
  • Suede Noir – a massive his with the Men, due to its masculine scent profile. With notes of vintage dark suede, burning palo santo, patchouli, tobacco and soft vanilla notes.

    All our 100 hour Voluspa candles feature 16 ounces of a coconut wax blend hand poured in the US with 100% cotton wicks. Free of phthalates, parabens and sulfates and 100% manufactured with sustainability in mind along with no animal testing and all hand poured into an embossed glass container with metallic lid.

    See candles here

    The ART of Flure

    Designed to bring ambience, fragrance, and a statement to your space.
    Curated by et vous Marketing Manager Sheridan… yes that’s me!

    oversized luxury candle brand flure from new zealand is a stunning high end brand

    What if the celebration doesn’t call for a regular candle, but something with more WOW factor?  A designer candle from Flure, could be the most impressive candle present they’ve ever had!

    Treat someone to an oversized candle that’s sure to make an impression when they open it. Featuring our gorgeous 1.1kg wax, Soy blend, 100 hour burn time candles. With unparalleled scent throw that’s sure to fill your open space with a gorgeous strong scent.
    Every day I come home from work, the first thing I smell is the beautiful Forever Lime scent filling my open living area. It brings a smile to my face every time.

    The featured candles are made from a cement mineral blend and are 100% waterproof on the inside and heat resistant. Allowing you to repurpose the vessel for an indoor plant pot
    , kitchen utensil holder and more.

    About me: New Plymouth based designer Sheridan, was inspired to use wax as her chosen medium to create ART. Curating large statement candles that remain a piece of ART in your space, whether you choose to light them or show them off.

    See here: Flure Candles



    Sea Salt Range


    sea salt range from saison featured handwash, moisturises, room sprays, seaweed candles and sea salt candles

    Fresh from the sea to light up your day comes the Sea Salt range featuring unisex hand creams, soaps, candles and home sprays. Like a breath of fresh air, each one will instantly refresh and transform any space with the aromas of cool, crisp ocean air and as an added bonus, they are certified vegan & cruelty free. Essential oils include coconut, sunflower, lavender and calendula and the hand creme's rich formulation contains 20% natural shea butter to soothe and heal even the driest skin.

    A great present suggestion for a surfer, beach lover, and male. The scent isn’t sweet and feminine, and smells like a true breath of sea salt air, making for a great gift idea.

    See here: Sea Salt Range



    Ilona Tambor

    llona Tambor is an incredibly talented lady from Leicester, UK who designs and makes digitally crafted luxury 100% silk printed scarves and accessories.


    ilona tambor is an uk illustration designer who crafts designer silk scarves in fascinating and bold prints

    We’ve offered a curated collection of her scarves for a few years now and you will love them if you’re after something a little different and creative.
    Understanding that each piece is hand drawn is fascinating and digitalised onto silk is just incredible.

    The ideas on how to style the collection is endless. From wearing it around the neck, to tying it on the side of your handbag strap, to a wrist wrap tie, hair piece and more.
    What we love about the collection is the pop of colour it can add to your outfit and creative special touch it adds to your look.

    See range here:



    new zealand designer age eyewear and daily opitcs and readers are an incredible high fashion brand

    If you know what style that special someone would love, then maybe a pair of sunglasses will do the trick! With a selection of Age Eyewear and Karen Walker Sunglasses available, we have a range of unisex frames to offer.

    Large square frames make for a bold statement while smaller circular frames nod to the 90’s. Every shape is hand crafted with attention to detail. AGE eyewear pride themselves on creating unique, handmade designs. Karen Walker Eyewear has a reputation for its originality, quality, effortlessly cool persona and sense of fun.

    Two New Zealand designers worth checking out. Both with rotating collections every season, allowing us to always have a fresh range in store and online for you to look through.

    Shop sunglasses:

    Smiths Lip Balm

    It blows my mind how many people love this lip balm collection and maybe you will too!

    quality made and high end lip balm thats been well loved brand for years


    Smiths aromatic lip balms with natural Beeswax and trade secret blends are a favourite of both celebrities and athletes. Smith's Rosebud Lip Balm is formulated to aid in protecting and moisturising the lips, cuticles and elbows from the drying effects of the weather.

    We offer a collection of our favourites for you to choose from, and we’re pretty confident that they will love one of these balms too!

    Shop lip balms:



    Rachel Stichbury Jewellery

    luxury and quality made new zealand jewellery designer rachel stitchbury


    You can’t go wrong with a little sparkle as a gift! Our Jewellery has the wow factor and is sure to impress. We have recent collections from New Zealand Jeweller, Rachel Stichbury including a stunning range of rings, necklaces and earrings worth checking out. Her range is modern with a timeless element to it, allowing it easily fit into different people’s looks, no matter their fashion style.

    Shop the range:



    Brooke Barrett

    Brooke Barrett offers luxury womenswear, handmade in New Plymouth, New Zealand.
    Experience the intimacy of the personable collection, with the availability of bespoke colour options, exclusive to Et Vous and your own wardrobe.

    We have the pleasure of having Brooke with us in the store, one day each week as well as modelling for our online site too.

    brooke barrett is a new zealand fashion designer with a range of mainline fashion and wedding attire

    A take on the most beloved hat of past times, the woollen felt fedora.
    Brooke has created 2 unisex hats named The Wanderer and The Romantic. Each come in a range of colours to suit the wearer and individualise their look. Crafted from 100% wool, each style has an internal adjustable band to fit even the smallest adults.

    A couple weeks ago, my sister got married and my young 24 year old brother decided he needed a change to his ‘look’ from the classic button up shirt and dress pants. He opted for a slightly unbuttoned shirt, casual dress pants and the Wanderer hat. Boy did he look suave! It changed his whole look. He paired it with his favourite pair of sunglasses and the outfit was complete.  

    Shop the collection:



    Optics and Readers

    We believe one should not compromise their style when their eyesight is changing. This is the chance to show off your personality! Our range of readers and optics combine functionality with style. DAILY and Age are two New Zealand designed brands that we stock.

    DAILY are known for their unisex and fashion forward designs while Age eyewear is influenced by vintage styles made modern. Two brands that are definitely worth checking out.

    See the range here:


    Ferm Living Home Decor

    ferm living is a home decor brand with a scandinavia look to their decor

    With a passion for authentic and functional Danish design, Ferm Living make furniture and interiors that create space to be who you are. We house a range of their glassware, plant pots, pillows and accessories to choose from.

    We can’t say enough about this gorgeous Scandinavian range. We ship their collection to our customers all over the world, it’s just that well-loved.
    The collection every season is so sophisticated and timeless which makes for curating your home look so effortless and stunning.

    See the Ferm Living collection here:



    Abel Perfume Discovery Set

    new zealand made high end luxury perfum business witha. range of layering sets and scents for women and men

    Now, I’m not brave enough to outright by my mum a parfum as I can’t be 100% sure if she will love it or not. What I do know is that Abel is a range she’s never tried and is 100% natural and LOVED by our customers who are familiar with the brand.

    This year I opted for the discovery scent for her Birthday, as it has 4 of their top scents and the 5th being their brand new release – Pause.  She opened it in surprise… nailed it! She loved it and was so excited to try all the different scents in her own time, not having to struggle to make a decision on the spot in a shop as to what scent to purchase.
    This took the guess work out of buying her a perfume, as the discovery scent has so many top sellers in it, it was sure to go down a hit!
    Let’s just say, I won be surprised If I see her come into the shop and purchase a bigger bottle of her favourite scent from the collection, as I’m confident she will find one she loves.

    Shop Abel Perfum:



    Et Vous Gift Card

    et vous offers gift vouchers for our online and in store fashion boutique

    The gift of choice! ….you can’t go wrong.

    Take the hard work out of choosing and gift them something their sure to appreciate.
    Whether you live locally here in New Plymouth, or elsewhere, you can shop our gift cards online, allowing you to print it off at home and place it in a card. Easy as pie.

    Shop Gift Vouchers:


    Selecting the perfect gift can be tricky, especially for the ones that seem to have everything or even worse, the ones that say ‘nothing’ when you ask them what they want.
    We do hope this list has helped you discover a new present idea for that special someone you’re buying for.

    Much love, and best of luck gift shopping. 

    Sheridan Anderson
    Et vous Marketing Manager


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