Cutuli Cult Masson Hat



The Mason hat matches the stunning Achen stole. Featuring a beautiful branded button on one side, a relaxed design and soft elastciation on the back. A great statement piece. 

Made from 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane 
Comes in different sizes. 
Colour: A very unique colour and very hard to photograph accurately. It’s a dark Charcoal tone with an olive green undertone, and a sheen, from the velvet. 
Feels: Quality-made Velvet 

Designed and made in Italy

Claudio Cutuli was born in Calabria into a family that boasts at least five generations of dyers and weavers. His shawls, wraps and scarves shun all that is mass-produced, not out of snobbery, but because they are created to last. For almost two hundred years, natural dyeing techniques have been the forte of the family’s artisan textile company and natural colour, as Cutuli himself says, is synonymous with life, passion and joy, but above all, it is the fundamental element thanks to which we can still dream.

Et Vous is the exclusive New Zealand stockist of Claudio Cutuli.

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