JPalm Tube Slip

$92.50 $185.00


The JPalm Tube Slip is the perfect cotton slip under your sheer dresses. It is knitted in a tube shape, so has no side seams! The neckline is finished with binding that extends into the straps. The fabric is a stretchy rib, and the slip features a finished hem. There are also small darts to give a little more shaping at the bust.

One Size (best-fit XSmall/8 - XLarge16).
Size: 95% Cotton 5% Elastane 

New Zealand Designer, JPALM is created with longevity in mind. Often only producing quality one-off garments or a range in low quantities. Within her designer/maker framework, Palm is able to ensure quality through the customization of her own work. In contrast to this finer tailoring approach, the JPALM brand borrows heavily from its origins within punk culture. The hands-on method of making allows the designer to make impromptu decisions, and adapt/change as the materials demand.

JPALM - formerly based in Dunedin, New York, Stockholm, and now Wellington New Zealand.

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