Rabens Salona Shelly Knit Scarf


Ivory Combo
Black Combo

Rabens Salona Shelly Knit Scarf is a stunning scrumptiously soft scarf, that matches the Shena Boxy Sweater.

Ivory Combo: a Cream base, with a colour strip of Hot Pink, Mid Blue, Charcoal Grey, and vibrant Orange. 

Black: a Charcoal Grey base, with a colour strip of mid Pink, Soft White and Soft Orange stripe.

Made from: 

25% Kid Mohair
21% Viscose 
54% Polyamide

Feels: Super soft and light weight
Scarf Measurements: 23cm wide, 111cm long.
Made in Nepal 


Modernity and traditional craft come together in an ever-evolving conversation at Rabens Saloner. Founded in 2007 by creative director Birgitte Raben.
”The essence of Rabens Saloner is the feeling that everything is made by heart. Their garments are often handmade and hand-dyed using traditional craftsmanship methods, which is why no two tie-dye pieces are identical.” – Birgitte Raben, creative director.

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