Rabens Saloner Helin Crumpled Jacket



Rabens Saloner Helin Crumpled Jacket is a longline blazer made in a heavy-weight wool blend. Featuring a stunning dark Purple appearance. When looked at up close, it’s made with a brown and mid-blue textured weave, which can be seen and felt up close when in brighter lights. 

features: The sleeves can be unbuttoned, faux front pockets. deep v-neckline collar, tortoiseshell buttons, and silky lining for ease of movement, with two splits on either side of the centre back which helps with movement.
Feels: Heavy-weight material 
Made from: 40% responsible Wool, 30% Cotton, 18% Nylon, 7% Polyester, 3% OF

Lining: 100% Acetate

Modernity and traditional craft come together in an ever-evolving conversation at Rabens Saloner. Founded in 2007 by creative director Birgitte Raben.

”The essence of Rabens Saloner is the feeling that everything is made by heart. Their garments are often handmade and hand-dyed using traditional craftsmanship methods, which is why no two tie-dye pieces are identical.” – Birgitte Raben, creative director.

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