Seaweed Candle



Fresh from the sea to light up your day comes the Seaweed Candle. This biodegradable, non-toxic candle is made with pure 100% US grown G.M.O. free soy wax and features a cotton wick. What is smells like... beach heaven, all year round! Think notes of aromatic sea lily and a sweet summer breeze.

Brimming with the scent of soft, clean greens and the aromas of sea lily on a sweet summer breeze. The lusty yet gentle maritime fragrance will transport you to the shoreline.

‐ G.M.O. free soy wax
‐ Wick is pure cotton
‐ Biodegradeable wax
‐ Hand poured
‐ Made in the USA
‐ 8.5 x 15cm - 80 hour burn

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